Jim Purdy's archive
jim purdy wrote for the arizona daily star newspaper in the late 1990s in tucson, arizona. he was music critic and entertainment reporter.
Jim Purdy was music critic and entertainment reporter for the Arizona
Daily Star, Tucson's morning newspaper, in the late 1990s. He loved
his time at the paper, from 1994 when he started as the letters to the
editor clerk, on to the Design Department and finally as a member of
the Accent and Caliente features teams.

His favorite concerts were a spectacular U2 show at the then
America West Arena and KISS at the Tucson Convention Center, a
riotous show where he lost his hearing for two weeks. It was one of
only two times his hearing suffered impairment on the music beat.
The other was a Backstreet Boys show where the waves of
high-pitched, ear drum-rupturing screams from the young girls in the
audience were so intense that it made the hairs on one's arms

There were a lot of fun interviews with local singers, musicians and
bands and national acts. Some of his favorites were courtesy of The
Tubes' wild front man Fee Waybill, two-and-a-half hours on the
phone with a boozy Eric Burdon and Donny Osmond, whose
unconventional interview was described by the managing editor as a
train wreck that you couldn't look away from. Donny liked it. He posted
it on his Web site.

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